THE WHORE part I by Lionel_(1)

But she didn’t release my cock entirely.My first blast utterly filled her mouth until it escaped from the corners and oozed down her chin. My dick finally escaped and shot the next load all over her face. My jizz was dripping from her chin as my next shot went all over her naked tits. I almost fell back into my chair, my cock was still gushing wildly.She put her mouth back over it and caught the last few spasms.

When I was totally spent my dick started to soften and plopped from her eager lips.She closed her mouth and swallowed my seed. I had to reach for my lemmonaide and suck some of the cool liquid into my dry mouth.Looking down I could see she had my jizz all over her face and upper body.There was even some drooling out of the corners of her mouth.What a sight!

She got up off of her knees and climbed into my lap, her open legs straddling mine, her swaying breasts pressing against my chest. My dick sank down onto the chair.Without any hesitation she kissed me full on the lips, and I could taste my own salty juices on her toungue. I roamed my hands all over her naked back and down to her curved ass.

“Tom, not Tommy.” She repeated when she came up for air.“That’s not the cock of a Tommy.”
“Do you want Tom to fuck you on the kitchen table, or do you have another place in mind?” I asked.

A broad smile played across her lovely face. “The table would be fine.”

I reached for my half full glass and placed it out of the way on the chair next to mine, and then putting my hands back on her smooth ass, I stood up and lifted her onto the table. Standing between her open legs I kissed her then gently pushed her onto her back.It is a sight I will always remember.The naked schoolteacher was lying on her back, her ponderous tits, covoured in my cum, and heaving as she took deep excited breaths. I looked down at her fur covoured pussy and traced my finger along her quivering crack.Her spread legs dangled off the edge of the table.

I put my arms under her knees and pulled them up and pressed them back over her exquisite chest, exposing her open, pulsing cunt to my every whim.Brenda moaned as I kissed her nether lips.I then ran my toungue from her tight anus along her slit to her open vagina.Her juices were flowing out of her cunt like a river preparing the way for my rising cock.I found her clit and encircled it with my toungue making her cry out and try to buck her bottom off of the table.I clamped my mouth over the little button and sucked it up.She screamed and shuddered in orgasm as I flicked it back and forth again and again.

After a few minutes she regained limited control of her voluptuous body and I had a renewed raging hardon.Without further ado I grasped her ankles and spread her legs open in a lewd “V”, then I plugged my rampant cock into her juicy cunt all the way and held it there with my balls resting on her ass.She gasped as I entered her and a look of complete surprise crossed her face.She soon softened her look with a broad pleasurable smile and I began to pump back and forth in her smoldering cauldron.

I held her ankles spread above her nude torso as I fucked her. The table she lay on was shaking and I was a bit afraid it might collapse. Her tits were quaking all over her chest with each forceful thrust up her willing twat.She held on to the table with both hands and her head was switching back and forth.Her eyes were closed as she savoured each sturdy thrust from my unbending lance.

I showed her no mercy as I roughly rammed into her again and again and she started grunting with each breach of her expanded pussylips. Soon the grunts became merged into a long erotic moan, as her body tensed up for a couple of marvelous strokes, and then she collapsed into another body shivering orgasm.I was not ready yet so I kept on hammering her flooding cunt with long hard thrusts still holding her ankles up high and wide apart.

Tears were running down her lovely face as I continued to fuck my neighbour on her kitchen table.Soon she was able to prop herself up on her elbows and watch as my thick cock plunged in and out of her sodden fur lined hole.Her fuck juices were running down her quivering ass and forming a puddle on the table. Then it happened for a second time. She threw her head back and with another loud groan orgasmed.

This time I could hold it no more, my whole body tingled with the sensation of my impending orgasm. I shoved my cock deep into her open cunt, as deep as it would go, and held it there while I filled her love tunnel with my man juices. I pumped load after load into her shaking body, and even when there was no more to give, I kept spasming deep in her throbbing hole.

Presently she opened her eyes and smiled at me as she lowered her legs down to my waist and held me in place still deeply embedded up her snatch.“My god the rumors are all true,” She said in a low respectful voice. “They are all true.”

Releasing myself from her bare legs, I pulled my worn-out prick from her oozing cunt and staggered backwards and sat down on my kitchen chair.The view from where I sat was of her dripping fur-lined pussy at the apex of her lewdly splayed legs.

After we both recouvred our strength, she got up from the table and again straddled my naked lap with her open legs. Her cunt was still leaking our combined juices all over my exhausted cock as our lips met. When we parted my cock had regained most of its rigidity and was pressing against her crack.

“Oh my god already?” she looked down unbelieving.

“Yes,” I said. “And this time I think we should find a bed.”

She got up from my naked lap and led me out of the kitchen, abandoning our cast off clothing on the floor.I followed her swaying hips to her bedroom keeping my eyes glued to her sweet buns. She pulled the sheets down and lay down on her back once again gracelessly spreading her bare legs wide open in welcome. I knelt between her splayed legs and slowly but deliberately slid my cock inch by inch back into her greasy hole.
“Yes.” She hissed as I began the ancient dance in her vagina once again. “Fuck me Tom! Don’t stop, just keep fucking me!”

After a few minutes I pulled out of her and pulled her across the bed and turned her over. Her legs hung over the edge as I lifted her hips up and sank my dick back into her eager cunt from behind. She moaned as I fucked her doggy style my tummy slapping against her naked asscheeks. Her winking anal opening beckoned to me and as I fucked her warm cunt so I gathered some of her juices and spread them on her back door. Suddenly she realized what I was doing.

“No. Nooo not there, it’s too big…” She moaned but made no move to escape her fate. It was too late anyway I was determined. I pulled my cock from her pussy and placed it at the exposed opening.She moaned again as I purposely pressed forward into her unyielding ass.As I felt the last barrier snap open she clenched her tiny fists and screamed into her pillow. Deeper and deeper I sank impaling my neighbour’s ass with my powerful cock.
I rested there with my scrotum against her soaked pussy while she accustomed herself to my thick invader. Then with slow careful thrusts I began to take my pleasure of her defenseless body.She moaned and pressed back into my penetrations. Her ass was so warm and tight I reveled in the sensations I was receiving. I reached around her heaving hips and played with her sensitive clitoris.She began to squirm in yet another orgasm.

Having already shot two loads I didn’t think I had anything left to give her. But I was wrong. During the heights of her last cumming I shot a somewhat diminished load into Brenda’s upturned ass. Exhausted we fell foreword onto the bed and soon drifted into a light sleep.

I awoke with a start. I was alone on her big bed. It took me a moment to realize just where I was. Just then Brenda, still naked, came into the room carrying two glasses of her refreshing lemmonaide. I couldn’t keep my eyes off of her naked breasts that jiggled and swayed with each step. Handing me a cold drink she sat next to me and crossed her legs Indian style.

“Tom you are one hell of a good fucking machine.” She said sipping her drink.

“Well thank you Ma’am.” I drawled acting like I was tipping my hat. “I do try to please my customers.Give ‘em what they want I always say.”
“It is some thing that you could use to get what you want.” She said seriously. “There are plenty of women that use sex to help them get through university. Maybe you should consider this as a means of getting your goal. Why give it away?”

“I never heard of women paying for it.” I said in disbelief. “Women just don’t hire men as prostitutes.”

“Yes Tom they do.” She paused for a long moment. “As a young woman, and a widow, I should know. I hope you don’t think bad of me Tom, but after my husband died, I found that I had certain needs.Oh there were plenty of men at my door. Indeed lots of men. There were all types.All believed that the little widow was stupid and an easy lay.They all wanted to ‘take care of me’ as it were. Mostly they wanted to get their grubby hands on the insurance money that Richard had left to me.”

“Brenda, I have only known you since you moved in here four years ago and started to teach in the high school. I have never thought you needed taking care of. I have always admired you from afar. What happened today was…” she put a finger to my lips to silence me.

“What happened today was of my own will.I wanted to fuck you. Come on Tom, what woman wouldn’t?Look at you, you have the body of a Greek god.There you were running around my yard with just those cute little cut offs on. I could see the outline of your cock with every step you took. Combine that with the rumours that I have heard from both the girls at school and their mothers, how could I resist?”

“Their mothers?” I questioned. “I have never fucked anyone’s mother. Now I won’t go into specifics, but yes I have been with a few girls. Never have I been with any of their mothers.”

“Really?” she said with a laugh. “To listen to them tell it you have fucked every skirt in this town, mother and daughter. None of them ever admitted to taking your cock up the ass like I have, though. Mmmm, I am still feeling that.” She put her hand behind her and rubbed her cute bottom.

“Sorry...” I started to say.

“No. No. Don’t be sorry, I loved it. The point is I know some people who will pay well for an hour or so like we just shared.”

“Come on who?” I asked skeptically.

Brenda held up her fingers and started counting them off as she named names. There was Mrs. This and her sister Mrs. That. There was another woman who volunteered at the school. Yes there were even the mothers of a couple of girls I had fucked. She mentioned some women of influence including a prominent professional businesswoman. With each name my mouth dropped a little further. By the time she was done she had all ten fingers counted off.“Those are the ones I can think of off the top of my head. There are others as well.”

“You have got to be kidding me.” I said in disbelief.

“No Tom, I am not, and each one of them is willing to pay for it and has the money to do so. I have seen them do it.”

“My go… that means you…” I didn’t voice my thought.

She nodded. “As I said I have needs as well. There is a secret event every month that most men are unaware of. The women I mentioned, myself included, are members of a discreet group that get together and indulge in living out their fantasies. They…we… spend a lot of money to ensure our privacy, and to attract the best ‘talent’ to entertain us. You would be surprised to see these women let their hair down, as it were, and indulge in the most degrading situations you could imagine.”

She told me she could hook me up with some of these women if I was willing.What follows are accounts of some of those meetings. The names and specific places are changed for obvious reasons, but the situations are true.I made more than enough money to go to university. Today I have a good job and all the money I can use.Yes I do still get together with some of these old ‘friends’ and we still fuck our brains out. The money they pay me is just the icing on the cake these days. If only some of the charities in town knew where the money was coming from…

It is up to you the reader, should I continue?????

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THE WHORE part I by Lionel_(1)